Ana Cristina Leite was born in 1964 in Porto, Portugal. Still today the town she lives and artistically acts. She studied painting and sculpture at the faculty “Belas Artes” of the University to Porto. By her unusual artistic talent, she could make herself allready very early a name. 1990 she won the competition of young artists SOCTIP and was distiguished. Other honoring and premium posts for her works followed. The price, BMC (Banco Comercial de Macao), the premium “Montepio Geral-150 years”. The honoring of the chamber of commerce to Porto and the high honor of her works with the premium of the “Fidelidade”. Other individual and group-exhibitions followed by the home and foreign countries, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Brazil. Her works attract in the art scene everywhere big attention. In many , from the artist formed works, we discover a fantastic technique that apparently transports photographic elements in shine and texture to the canvas. The use of this technique in her motives, moves the viewer into a sort of world that expresses everyday life with a breath of “glamour” and a pinch of “humor”. biography biography selected works exhibitions projects news contact [de] [pt]